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Registered Massage Therapy

Our Massage Therapy Services Provide Pain Relief for Clients in London

A massage is a great way to reduce pain and stiffness in muscles. Many individuals seek out massage therapy as a treatment for pain relief and limited mobility. At Gdanski & Tallon Chiropractic Centre, we offer massage therapy to people who wish to address specific complaints such as chronic pain and limited physical movement by a registered massage therapist in London. 

A relaxing massage can help you overcome the ill effects of stress and tension. More importantly, it is an effective treatment for individuals who suffer from chronic pain. Our registered massage therapists are trained to deal with a variety of work or accident-related injuries and will make sure you get the relief you need. Contact us if you would like to book a massage therapy session at our facility.

What Is Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy involves the manipulation of soft tissues and muscles to relieve pain and augment, rehabilitate, maintain and develop physical function. It is a clinically-oriented health option that provides relief from the discomfort caused by muscular overuse, stress and several chronic pain syndromes. 

Why Choose Massage Therapy? 

If you are looking for relief from pain and stress, then massage therapy is a viable treatment option. It is a non-invasive procedure that soothes overworked muscles, breaks down scar tissue, promotes circulation and increases the flexibility of the muscles and joints. All of these factors encourage overall relaxation. All of our massage therapy procedures are carried out by trained registered massage therapists in a safe and secure manner.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is considered part of integrative medicine. Its use in tandem with regular treatment for various medical conditions is due to its therapeutic value. Massage therapy is becoming a powerful tool that helps to recharge your body with good health and well-being by improving circulation throughout the deep body tissues if done by an expert.


Healthy people enjoy a massage when stressed and tired because it often generates emotions like caring, comfort and connection.

Key benefits of massage therapy include:

Getting rid of stress and feeling relaxation
Improving blood circulation, energy and alertness
Alleviate pain due to muscle soreness and tension

Lowering heart rate and, thus, in turn, blood pressure

Improving immunity by increasing the level of white cells in the blood

The above benefits allow you to get rid of the pain without taking painkillers or other methods of pain relief that might cause harm to your body in the long run. Check out the availability of our staff for shockwave therapy or massage therapy, and call us to book an appointment.

Kyra Viaene

Graduating with honors from Trios College, Kyra brought her love of anatomy and Kinesiology to her dream career. As a mom of 3 kids Kyra knows how stressful life can be. Whether it's muscle tension, Strain/Sprains or overall stress, massage carries many benefits. With the use of assessment, manual massage and homecare such as exercises or stretches she looks forward to being a part of your self-care.

Shelby Acs

Shelby has been helping clients since 2014 after graduating from Lambton College with an Advanced RMT Diploma. She is known as a deep tissue therapist and has extensive experience with bodybuilders and professional athletes. That said, she enjoys treating all body types, creating a safe space for her clients while gearing each massage to each client's individual needs.

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Taylor Piper

Taylor is a highly skilled recent graduate from Fanshawe College. With a passion for promoting wellness and relieving pain, Taylor is committed to providing exceptional care to clients.
Trained in various massage techniques, including Swedish, deep
tissue, sports, prenatal and TMJ, Taylor has a comprehensive understanding
of the human body and its musculoskeletal system. Taylor strives to create a personalized treatment plan tailored to each clients specific needs and goals. She believes in the power of massage therapy to not only address physical discomfort but also promote mental and emotional well-being.


Reduce Stress and Feel Rejuvenated

Experience massage therapy that soothes muscles and reduces stiffness by our registered massage therapist in London.

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