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Active Release Techniques®

Reduce Your Pain with Active Release Techniques® in London

Active Release Techniques®, or ART®, is a non-invasive treatment that is designed to locate and resolve soft-tissue disorders. It is used by healthcare professionals to identify and address conditions that are not properly diagnosed or treated by conventional methods. Dr. Tallon is the only Masters Level certified ART® provider located in southwestern Ontario.  

ART® is a patented soft tissue technique that treats conditions that develop due to overused muscles. When soft tissue and muscles are overused, they don’t get enough oxygen. Due to this, micro-trauma accumulates and acute conditions such as pulls, tears and collisions arise. The body then produces dense scar tissue in the affected areas. Muscles become shorter and weaker, which can limit your range of motion resulting in pain and weakness. Some related issues include tendonitis and trapped nerves. Call us if you want to address any of the concerns mentioned above.

Conditions Addressed Through Active Release Techniques®

ART® has helped relieve and treat discomfort caused due to a variety of conditions. Most of these are due to overused muscles. Some of the conditions addressed include: 

Knee problems
Tennis elbow
Plantar fasciitis
Shoulder pain
Back pain
Shin splints
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Frozen shoulder

What Treatments Are Like

Dr. Tallon has been providing ART® since 2003. There are 500 specific movements and treatment protocols unique to ART®. This enables the provider to diagnose and treat specific conditions effectively. An ART® session consists of a detailed examination before treatment can begin. An ART® provider evaluates the texture, movement and tightness of nerves, ligaments, fascia, tendons and muscles using their hands. After the evaluation, a combination of precisely directed tension towards specific movements made by the patient treats the abnormal tissues.


Shoulder Pain Not Getting Better?

Try a treatment plan using Active Release Techniques® at our facility.

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