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Professional Chiropractors

We offer professional chiropractic procedures for pain relief and relaxation of stressed muscles and joints

Ease Your Pain: Chiropractic Services by Our Experienced Chiropractor in London

Have you been suffering from an old sports injury or experiencing chronic back pain? At Gdanski & Tallon Chiropractic Centre, you can get chiropractic care from Dr. Tallon, an experienced chiropractor in London. We have been providing evidence-based chiropractic care for over 30 years. Our diverse group of patients includes professional athletes, injured workers, wellness patients, sports and fitness enthusiasts, runners and people who do yoga.

Our chiropractic treatments and massage therapy techniques can benefit people of all ages. Since we are primary contact health care providers, you do not need a referral to see us. If you need to book an appointment for chiropractic care, call us.

Care For Your Strained Back

When working from home, the lack of movement and long hours spent sitting can cause discomfort in your back and shoulders. We can help alleviate some of the pain through our rehabilitation treatments. Consider getting chiropractic care at our facility today. We at Gdanski & Tallon Chiropractic Centre have experienced massage therapists and chiropractors in London to enable faster healing.

Our Services

Our wide range of services that can provide pain relief include:

Chiropractic care offers drug-free health care delivered by a trained chiropractor. Precise manual adjustments reduce nerve interference and restore cellular activity, organ function, muscle functioning and, in turn, overall well-being. Chiropractic care can treat aches and pains that involve the musculoskeletal system by performing manipulations and adjustments like gently realigning joints to decrease pain and increase range of motion. They also recommend stretching exercises to restore joint stability and mobility. Dr. Tallon is an experienced chiropractor in London, providing chiropractic care for over 30 years. Read more about chiropractic care at Gdanski & Tallon Chiropractic Centre.

It is a non-invasive treatment especially meant to locate and resolve soft-tissue disorders when conventional methods are not beneficial for pain relief. This patented soft tissue technique treats conditions that arise when they don't get enough oxygen due to overuse of soft tissue and muscles. If not treated timely, the affected area develops dense scar tissue that limits the range of motion due to weak muscles. Dr. Tallon is an experienced Master's Level certified ART® chiropractor in London. Read more about ART®.

It is another non-invasive treatment involving sending shock waves to the injured soft tissue to reduce pain. They are very short and intense energy waves given in short sessions lasting about 10-20 minutes. Gdanski & Tallon Chiropractic Centre in London provides this therapy for accelerated recovery and healing of bone, heel, joint and soft tissue injuries. You can learn more about this here.

Massage therapy soothes overworked muscles, breaks down scar tissue and increases blood circulation, leading to muscle and joint flexibility. This non-invasive procedure manipulates the soft tissues of affected body parts like muscles, connective tissue, tendons, and ligaments by using varying degrees of pressure and movement. Massage helps reduce stress and lessen pain and muscle tension. Read more about registered massage therapy at Gdanski & Tallon Chiropractic Centre in London.


Orthotic Group (TOG) Products

We Offer a Complete Line of The Orthotic Group (TOG) Products.


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I Have Been Sleeping Better than I Have in Years

“I can't say enough about Dr. Tallon. I came to him with a shoulder that had been in pain for over 7 years. I tried physiotherapy and massage on their own, but no one could resolve the issue. Dr. Tallon used a combination of techniques (including suggested exercises) - and it was like a miracle. After the first session the pain was substantially reduced, and by the third it all but disappeared. Amazing. I have been sleeping better than I have in years.”


- Wes K.


Trusted Chiropractic Service

Experience holistic care from our experienced chiropractor in London.

Reduce Your Pain

Active Release Techniques® is a non-invasive treatment that helps identify and resolve soft-tissue disorders.

Orthotics in London

Get custom-fitted orthotic devices to treat foot-related issues in London.

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